Stocking the Vending Machine

In the effort to maximize my own summer growth, I have targeted a few books that have been on the radar for a few months. These include:

Launch” – Spencer (@spencerideas) & Juliani (@ajjuliani)
Originals” – Grant (@AdamMGrant)
Innovators Mindset” – Couros (@gcouros)

I have followed each of these authors and their Twitter accounts for some time (yes, I use Twitter as my own PD vending machine). What intrigued me was the potential application of their perspectives to my own philosophical position and the connection to the students I interact with daily at my school. Their (my students’) relevant education was at stake and I needed to potentially shift my own paradigm to better engage with and for them.

I spent a little time exploring the beginnings of these books trying to determine the best order to read and reflect on them. I decided “Innovators Mindset” was my starting line (followed by “Originals”, then “Launch”…this order best suited me. I encourage you to reflect on your own perspective.) Right away, I was struck with a few powerful Read more of this post

Start From the End, Don’t End at the Start

Over the past few days of this enlightening SMTE experience, I have been left with a persistent and nagging question… are we teaching our students to meet today’s standards, or are we empowering them to create tomorrow’s? For many, reflection on this will provide false security and validation. Unfortunately, many are chasing their tail, hoping for a new outcome and creative solution to the age old problems with music education. What if we didn’t try so hard to “solve” those problems? What if we stopped chasing our tail and just ran with the wind? Read more of this post

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