Reflexive Agility

For those who haven’t heard this yet, 2020 is not a normal year. In every way, shape, and form, it is not normal. But in the educational space, we are bending ourselves over backwards to try and be normal. Unfortunately, the typical catch phrases are being flung from all directions to try and keep everyone in their traditional identities and to minimize (or ignore) the need for reflexive agility.

For too long, educators have been directly or suggestively reminded that the metrics of their success are measured on the amount of themselves they ignore in order to prioritize the students in their class. Analyzing the profound cost benefit of this activity is a prime example of how the abnormality of 2020 was (and may still be) the greatest gift given to education. This unwritten rule must come full stop and we must focus on the needs of our greatest resources in the educational process…. passionate educators. At no point in our teacher training programs were we presented with an instruction manual that outlined our steps to success… Step 1: don’t think about yourself. Step 2: write your standards on the board… Unfortunately, we continue to hear Administrators and parents perpetuate this myth. Rarely has there ever been a more appropriate time for the saying :”you can’t love anything until you love yourself.” Now is the time…

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Enjoying the ride

As I ventured into my graduate studies, looking for new challenges, I had no idea what was in store. The twists and turns that my musical, educational, and professional brains would journey through have been exciting, frustrating, and of course, left me with more questions than answers. My background as a musician (and music educator) is firmly rooted in the instrumental ensemble tradition. This was where I came from… this is what I recreated in my own classroom… but now it feels different. Read more of this post

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