Midwest Exhibitors Content Analysis

A Content Analysis of Exhibitors at the Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic from 1959 – 2007 
2013 AMEA Conference
2013 IMTE Colloquium
Nathan A. Johnston & Emmett J. O’Leary – Arizona State University


This study examined the relationship between music industry and music education through the classifications of exhibitors at the Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic from 1959 – 2007. Researchers used a sample of exhibitors at four-year intervals beginning in 1959, the first year exhibitors were included in the Midwest Program. The sample included 2,134 exhibitors participating in the event over the 48 year time frame examined. Results showed the emergence of 8 classifications of exhibitors based on existing categories. The most prominent classifications were in the areas of music publishing, music product manufacturing, and travel services. Analysis showed the most significant growth in the percentage of exhibitors at each conference to be in the area of travel services. This study highlights potentially troubling relationships between music industry and music education as the most growth in exhibitor representation has been in areas that are not directly related to classroom music instruction. This may be an indicator that travel is becoming as significant an area in which music programs spend their budgets as musical instruments and published music. Additional analysis found significant relationships between unemployment and number of exhibitors present at the event and percentage of exhibitors in the fundraising and travel services categories.


Midwest Poster




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