Dropping the Bass on Ensemble Rehearsals

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Student’s musical taste, both in and out of school, often remain disconnected from each other. There are a variety of apps available for the iPad (and iPhone) that can not only bridge that gap, but also encourage efficient use of rehearsal time in an ensemble setting. Targeting specific apps to achieve specific goals allows directors an opportunity to foster deeper engagement with the musical experience. Additionally, many of these apps exist in a FREE format that is readily available to students at home (or outside of the classroom). This convergence of resources encourages students to have an experience at school, refer to their resources at home (as practice tools), and to connect their musical lives together. This session proposes to share specific apps for those specific rehearsal goals. This includes (but is not limited to) apps that can enhance tongue/finger technique, aural awareness of key centers, time keeping, tuning, balance, etc. These apps are based on the popular music styles of contemporary youth culture. This session will not address traditional music resources (i.e. metronome and tuner apps) but will achieve the same goals using popular or non-traditional formats.

Apps Demonstrated:

Photo courtesy of JKJPhotography

Photo courtesy of JKJPhotography

Chordion by Olympia Noise Co.
Dubpad by Fusion Affects
Figure by Propellerhead Software AB
LoopTwister by WAVEFORMS
NodeBeat by AffinityBlue

Submit an App:

Complete the form submission with as much detail as you can provide. Your colleagues will have an opportunity to explore different rehearsal tools, as suggested by you, in order to provide relevance and interest to the musical experience in the classroom.

The Database: 

Here are the results of what has been shared. Explore, steal, use, and contribute to keep our ideas moving forward.


Submission Form

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